Too many of those in the U.S. who call themselves leftist are content to push far right propaganda.
Putin—who is not, as obsessed neocons think, the living embodiment of Tolkien's Sauron—was forced to take action by Western belligerence and ethnic…
Right-Wing Democrats Have Nothing but Lies and Condescension.
Byron Lewis was shot in March of 2021 by the boyfriend of his child’s mother, and by another man, a friend of the assailant. Fortunately, he survived…
Following up on my last column, Kyle Kulinski put up a YouTube video in the wake of Jimmy Dore’s response to his attack the other day, apologizing for…
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or, more likely, have a life off of social media, you are probably aware of the feud between right-wing…
The real reason his SCOTUS creatures refused to back him in court is the same one the establishment wanted him gone.
Democrats Embrace the Bush-Era Election Thief's Vote-Flipping Strategy to Steal 2020
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